Markets Update: BTC and BCH Prices Continue to Slide

Cryptocurrency values are still slumping downwards as they have been for the past three consecutive months. Currently, the overall cryptocurrency market valuation of all 1,500+ digital assets is $248Bn after losing billions over the past few days. BTC/USD markets are below the $7K territory and recently touched a low of $6,510 per coin.

The Dumping Continues to Plague Cryptocurrency Markets

bitcoin, George Soros Is Rumored to Be Investing in Cryptocurrency

Billionaire octogenarian George Soros is reportedly taking an interest in cryptocurrency trading. If true, the move would be a remarkable turnaround for the business magnate, who’s previously been scathing of bitcoin, calling it a bubble and a tool of dictators.

Soros Eyes an Entry into the Crypto Markets

Bitcoin drops amid Twitter's warning, and Laytbay's collapse

bitcoin and other virtual currencies continued to fall on Tuesday amid news that Twitter was blocking digital currency advertising and the Paypay's payment processor stopped working.

Was trading at $ 7,943.9, down 2.06% at 7:59 a.m. EST (11:59 GMT) on the Betfinx Stock Exchange, above its session low of $ 7777.60. The digital currency struggled to gain strength after falling to $ 6,000 in early February, far from its peak of $ 20,000 in December.