Bitcoin drops amid Twitter's warning, and Laytbay's collapse

bitcoin and other virtual currencies continued to fall on Tuesday amid news that Twitter was blocking digital currency advertising and the Paypay's payment processor stopped working.

Was trading at $ 7,943.9, down 2.06% at 7:59 a.m. EST (11:59 GMT) on the Betfinx Stock Exchange, above its session low of $ 7777.60. The digital currency struggled to gain strength after falling to $ 6,000 in early February, far from its peak of $ 20,000 in December.

Lithoquine fell 5.31% to trade at $ 143.84 after news that the Litbay payment processor had finished operations, just one month after it was launched in February. Leitquin Corporation, which oversees the development of Leitkwin and invests in Lightbay, said CEO Kenneth Assar had told the organization days ago that he had stopped working and was looking for the sale of the company.

The Litcoin Foundation apologized to investors on its website.

"We were very disappointed that this epic ended in this way and we apologize for not doing enough due diligence that could have revealed some of these issues earlier," the statement said. "We are now working hard to tighten care practices We have to make sure that this does not happen again. "

In other news, Twitter joined Facebook and Google in blocking digital advertising. The social networking site was widely thought to have studied the move, but it was officially announced on Monday. The new policy will be introduced within the next 30 days and will prohibit trading platforms and portfolio services, not public companies listed on major exchanges.

The other defaults were low, with rival Etherium, the world's second largest lender by market value, down 6.07% to $ 458.27 on the Petevenics exchange. Ripel, the third largest currency, fell 2.78% to $ 0.57518.